Orange key next to the words CRM Services
Orange key next to the words CRM Services

We Host SuiteCRM For You

Want to start implementing a CRM into your business? Looking to switch to a cheaper option? Key CRM Services is your answer. We do everything from setup, to training, to support, to hosting. 

SuiteCRM is our top choice for a CRM. Ever wanted to experience the power of Salesforce but can’t justify the huge expense? This is the software you want. Key CRM Services will help you through the process. 

SuiteCRM includes all features for all users from the beginning. You get unlimited integration and customization and have 100% ownership of your data. Get a free Sandbox for training and experiments to implement your new CRM better and faster. With redundant servers backing up all of your data, you can spend all of your time and energy focusing on what really matters: your customers, your employees, and your business.
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SuiteCRM Features


Centralized communications for the company, customers, and vendors.


Store accounts, contacts, leads, and targets.


Track cases, projects, and tasks.


Easily keep track of quotes and invoices.


Log phone calls and notes as you make them.


Use SuiteCRM on desktop or mobile with ease.

SuiteCRM Unexpected Features

SuiteCRM offers the norm and so much more.

Constant Contact

Organize email and marketing campaigns in no time

doc management

Put all of your important documents in one place. Use the full text search function to find anything.


Everything your company needs you can find in SuiteCRM.

Central Communication

Communicate with people company-wide right from SuiteCRM.

Email management

Get all your emails through SuiteCRM and then schedule a time to reply.

Database Access

With direct access to your own SuiteCRM database, easily customize any module within SuiteCRM.
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Your Savings and Benefits

All options of SuiteCRM are included
No artificial limits (like a maximum contacts or transactions)
6 paid marketing users included
Administrators and Managers do not count against number of paid users
Paid and unpaid users have access to everything
15 hours of consulting per year are included
No charge for Sandbox account for training or experimentation

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Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Call 937-439-0444 and we'll discuss your company's goals and issues. Your questions will be answered and you will be closer than ever to unlocking the potential of your business. 
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