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Key CRM Services

Unlock your potential
CRM without the Frustration
Consulting and hosting solutions for all your marketing, sales and customer service needs.
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Key CRM consultants will work through every step of the implementation and training process with you. Start unlocking your business potential today. Improve the organization of information with your employees and your customers. This will lead to improved customer satisfaction while improving efficiencies.


We'll do everything from setup to hosting. We will easily transfer your existing contacts and leads into your new CRM, no matter what format you have them in now. No problem!


Want a custom field or an entirely new module? Want to automatically send emails for ad campaigns? Whatever it is, we've got you covered. We have decades of business experience and can suggest beneficial customization.

training and support

We'll help your team learn their new system. Once we're done, they'll never want to go back! We also provide ongoing support of your CRM. You will know more about your business with less effort.

Who is Customer Relationship Management for?

If you run a business, you can benefit from a CRM. A CRM helps you manage your contacts, whether they're customers, leads and even vendors. You'll have an up-close and broad view of your sales and marketing, with key insights into how to sell better, smarter and faster. A CRM is guaranteed to help drive success by increasing productivity across the board. Collaboration will be easier in all areas of your business. Anyone, in any industry, can leverage a CRM to unlock their potential.

The sky is the limit when you successfully implement a CRM into your company's workflow.

We'll help get your employees on board with the use of a CRM. Getting user buy-in for the use of a CRM is as important as the consulting company and software you choose.

If you like, we will provide a no charge consultation to help you understand how much our CRM will benefit you. When you are ready, we can make it happen. From hosting to customization to training and everything in between, Key CRM Services is your answer to a brighter future with a CRM.

Hosted SuiteCRM Services

SuiteCRM is an open-source CRM that we customize for your specific needs. Your data remains YOUR data.


Increase the efficiency of your sales team and empower them to sell faster and more professionally. SuiteCRM has all the tools you need to work more leads and create sales opportunities. We have all the tools you need to implement the software. Unlock your potential and start selling smarter today!


With analytics built right in, SuiteCRM enables you to know exactly what to send at the exact right time. Our team will help you setup automation for send marketing materials without thinking, freeing up valuable time to convert more leads into customers. Let's get started now increasing your bottom line.

customer service

SuiteCRM gives your Customer Service team the tools to provide the best possible customer experience. Log calls and use those notes to improve performance. Take note of any product issues and track the progress of resolution. A great way to gain a loyal customer is to handle an issue with style and grace! How is all of this possible? Key CRM Services provides training that will help you unlock the full potential of your CRM.

easy migration

Not satisfied with your current CRM but not sure how to switch? We can easily migrate all data from your current CRM to SuiteCRM. Thousands of businesses have left SalesForce, saved money and been happier. UNLOCK your potential by contacting us today!

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Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Call 937-439-0444 and we'll discuss your company's goals and issues. Your questions will be answered and you will be closer than ever to unlocking the potential of your business. 
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