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Orange key next to the words CRM Services

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access database expert

Decades of experience database design from us means a custom experience for you.

Small business for Small business

We have your best interests in mind because they're also ours: make our customers happy. 

General Database Expertise

After more than 30 years, we know exactly how to help you implement the software.

One-Stop Shopping

We have everything you need to implement a CRM today. From hosting to training to customization to support, we're on your side.

Local support

Technical difficulties getting you down? Have a question? We're just a step away.

Stability since 1988

We've been in the tech business ever since, always learning and growing. You can count on us, we're not going anywhere.

Implementing Your CRM


Document current processes and adjust if there can be improvement.

It's very difficult to implement a CRM if you don't document what you do now.


When switching over, everyone needs to get involved.

CRM implementations only fail when everyone doesn't buy into the system.


Set minimum initial goals and add to it.

A CRM is all about modules: leads, contacts, calls, etc. When starting out, it's best to choose just a few. Once everyone is over the learning curve, it's much easier to add in more as you go.


Get returns!

After a short while, the benefits of saved sales and new sales pay for the effort. Properly done, a CRM has a huge Return On Investment.

Why CRM?

All business is about relationships with people, and a Customer Relationship Manager will skyrocket not only your customers’ satisfaction but your employees as well. 


Consistent and coordinated customer interactions with contacts


Track the success of campaigns


Maximize what you can do with available resources


Retain existing customers

Benefits for Sales Reps

After the learning curve it WILL save time.
Automatic follow up reminders for calls, emails, and meetings
More Quotes = More Sales
Whole company will be able to help with customer interactions
Visualize progress and success - Dollar values assigned to opportunities
Access to more information about your customers

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Call 937-439-0444 and we'll discuss your company's goals and issues. Your questions will be answered and you will be closer than ever to unlocking the potential of your business. 
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